Advanced hearing technology in its tiniest form.

The luxe, new Siemens iMini lets you express yourself with the ultimate invisible hearing instrument designed just for you. It's fun having such a colorful secret. The impressive iMini is all about handmade quality and cool, even pearlized shades that let you convey your true self. iMini packs in advanced technology to help you hear your best. iMini–it's designer fashion for the ears.

Out of sight

Engineered to be incredibly small, iMini is prestige craftsmanship in miniature. It's a feat of uncompromising precision that stays unseen. Fitting snugly and inconspicuously in the ear canal with no external components, you'll forget iMini is even there.

Made to measure

From initial consultation to fine tuning and finishing, you're completely involved in the creation of your iMini hearing aids. Handcrafted iMini is where excellent technology meets art. Down to the last detail. Like iMini's final polish, which ensures that iMini is smooth to the touch and comfortable on the ears. Each distinctive, polished iMini is a masterpiece with miniature, precision-engineered components.

Available Colors for the Siemens iMini Invisible Hearing Aid

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